Experience Cuba!

Experience Cuba!

 Small group travel currently being scheduled    

Please join Resonant Journeys on a special and custom-priced tour of Cuba. Experience Cuba’s legendary culture and creativity – its amazing colonial and modernist architecture, extraordinary art, celebrated music and dance, and inventive food. Resonant Journeys delivers unprecedented access to remarkable private venues and procures the most knowledgeable scholars to provide highly informative lectures.

Recruit friends and family to form your own group and work with us to develop a custom itinerary that reflects your group’s specific interests– politics, the economy, journalism, literature, religion, film, dance, music, architecture, the visual arts, agriculture, medicine, cooking, automobiles, baseball, colonial and/or revolutionary history, or additional topics of interest. Visit Havana and communities within driving range of the city (i.e. Viñales) and/or travel to more distant locales by air — Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, and others.

Select the dates that best fit your schedule, understanding that the optimal time to visit Cuba is from December through March. We recommend a journey of no less than five days and preferably seven days or more, depending on whether you would like to travel throughout the country.

All tours include air-conditioned transportation and first-rate lodging, along with many additional amenities that will be enumerated once groups and itineraries start coming together. Trip pricing will be based on the number of participants in a group and the specific itinerary that is developed.

If you are interested in joining a group or forming your own group, please be in touch to indicate your interest and claim your preferred travel dates.

We look forward to hearing from you!